just to share: amarok and phonon gstreamer backend

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http://forums.opensuse.org – googling around i've found that lot's of forum threads suggest to use phonon xine backend to avoid amarok skips tracks amarok can play with phonon gstreamer backend without any additional suse repository using the gstreamer "good" plugins (and good extras, but not sure that's mandatory...) in addition to the fluendo mp3 decoder everything is possible "within" the distribution hope this can be useful... otherwise, hope google indexes this :D bye PS without the good gstreamer plugins, amarok in debug mode (amarok -d 2>out.log) shows the following error: amarok: [ERROR!] Can not parse dynamic.xml amarok: [ERROR!] "unexpected end of file" amarok: [ERROR!] "Line: 1, Column 1" even if not sure... but it's not present in a good amarok run... (Distributions)