Just got a Galaxy S3 - 17% battery after 12 hours "use"

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Basically as the title says, I've bought a "refurbished" one, but I'm not sure whether it's faulty, or whether this is just the average battery life of one of these things! Woke up at 6am, I used it for about 30 mins this morning on facebook/ebay/bbc news through wifi. Send about 20 txt messages, 10 minutes on the phone. ANother 30 mins browsing/facebook on my lunch break. 12 hours later it's sitting at 17 hours battery life. And it's been on power save mode the WHOLE time. Is this just something I'm going to need to get used to or is mine just a dud? LOVE the phone otherwise t (HowTos)