Juniper SSG5... How to setup VPN to Netgear FVS338

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http://serverfault.com – I'm trying to configure a Juniper SSG5 for VPN. So far I'd say I'm lost lost lost. The server (just one for now) is a dedicated host at a hosting company. I have a block of 8 public IPs (/29), the SSG5 has it's own IP (separate subnet from my 8 public IPs), and routes requests for the public IP's to the server. There are two interfaces defined on the SSG5. The first, ethernet0/0, is for the SSG5's public IP, set as zone Untrust, interface mode Route, type Layer 3. The second, ethernet0/1, is for my block of 8 public IP's, set as zone Trust, interface mode Route, type Layer 3. I have policy (HowTos)