Jumbo Frames, ISCSI and ESXi

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http://serverfault.com – I have enabled Jumbo Frames (9000) in ESXi for all my vmNICs, vmKernels, vSwitches, iSCSI Bindings etc - basically anywhere in ESXi where it has an MTU settings I have put 9000 in it. The ports on the switches (Dell PowerConnects) are all set for Jumbo Frames. I have a Dell MD3200i with 2 controllers, each with 4 ports for iSCSI. Each of these ports is set to Jumbo Frames (9000) as well. So now the questions: Do I need to log into each Windows Server VM I am running and delve into the NIC properties and manually set it to Jumbo Frames in the NIC properties in the device Manager as well? Wha (HowTos)