JTexrField needs to respond to drop - pls hlp

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, So, DnD is cool - and in Java, it works. Just set the component where the drag starts to allow that: Quote: tblMain.setDragEnabled(true); and - yes - the rest pretty much runs itself. I have a JTextField that happily takes the drop from the JTable (be it the whole row - I'm not there yet, still working on that)...but does not raise any events. I'd like the JTextField to raise an event: - cleaning up the received data, now it gets the raw stuff, and I need an ID from that string - starting up another void() with the received ID I read the tutorials but - for blisters - cannot see the "light", please shed some (light, that is) :D Tnx!! Thor (HowTos)