Joomla Directory Permissions

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http://stackoverflow.com – Hello i have problem with joomla directory premissions. Am using Fedora 19 KDE. I success install joomla and i start to develop my own component. When i start install component i get this error: Warning: Failed to move file! Ok what i do next. I check premissions in system information > directory premissions and all there is Unwritable. What i do next. first i check owner: cd /var/www/html [ikac@localhost html]$ ls -l drwxrwxrwx+ 17 ikac apache 4096 Aug 15 15:07 joomla-2.5 Again unwritable: I try sudo chown -R apache:apache joomla-2.5 And try this sudo chmod -R 777 joomla-2.5/tmp (HowTos)