Java/OpenGL based games (Minecraft, Runescape) Won't run under Gnome 3

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Whenever I go to play any games that use both Java AND OpenGL, Gnome 3 appears to quit (as if I had killed X with ctrl+alt+bksp) and then returns to the login screen. I am running Gnome, but downgrading to Gnome 3.2.X does not resolve the issue. This behaviour does not occur under other desktops, such as XFCE. This does not happen with any command-line Java programs, or any other OpenGL Games. Only those written in Java and using OpenGL for display do this. GLXGears works fine. Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Amnesia all work fine. Runescape is playable as long as you leave it in "sa (HowTos)