JAVA Uni-Directional Association Code

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http://www.daniweb.com – Hi I would like to know which of the following is correct uni-directional association between class A and class B.(A->B) 1. class A { int num; B obj_B; A(){ //constructor code; } } class B { int num; B(){ //constructor code; } } 2. class A { int num; A(B obj_B){ //constructor code; } } class B { int num; B(){ //constructor code; } } What I came to know that for uni-directional association following things should be there in a code..(correct me if it is wrong..I just started learning OOAD) i. class A has object of class B as an attribute. ii. class B object may be initialized in constructor of class A Above code snippets satisfy one of the above points, which one of them to choose as uni-directional association? (General)