Is it possible to use FGLRX 12.4 on Ubuntu 12.10? (Not 12.6 legacy--that doesn't work for this application, see post)

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http://askubuntu.com – From what I've read and the xorg error I get about no supported adapter being found, it appears the legacy fglrx will not support a new card. This gives me a problem as I have an HD5770 and an HD4350 for multi-seat. So: fglrx 12.6 (legacy) from the PPA works on the 4350, not the 5770 fglrx from quantal works on the 5770 but not the 4350 fglrx 12.4 will probably work on both. But it seems unlikely there is any way to get it to work on a 3.5 kernel and perhaps not even the downgraded X.org 1.12.3... or is there? Any ideas/other approaches to take or am I pretty much stuck with the OSS drive (HowTos)