Is it possible to run the GNOME user manager from XFCE4?

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http://askubuntu.com – If I run 'gnome-control-center' and click on the 'User Accounts' icon, the gnome-control-center crashes. I built it from source to see what's going on, and it turns out it's doing a if (strcmp(getenv("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP"), "GNOME")) in panels/user-accounts/um-password-dialog.c, line 690. I don't have an environment variable "XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP", so the getenv is returning NULL, and the strcmp is segfaulting Where is XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP meant to be defined? And shouldn't gnome-control-center check the pointer returned by getenv before passing it to strcmp? Does xfce4 have its own 'Use (HowTos)