Is it is possible to replace one array to other new 8 HDD array in HP RAID 1+0 without losing data on old array?

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http://serverfault.com – Currently, I have 4 hard disks which have been configured as RAID 1+0 in HP Proliant 380 G7, SmartArray p410i. I am planning to buy other new 8 hard disks to replace old array by swapping the disks out and keep the old array as backup. I also make full backup and I will use this backup to restore to new 8 hard disk array. Can I still use the old 4 disks if I already configured RAID 1+0 with new 8 disks? So if I decide I want to go back to the old array (for example restore to the new array failed), I can just take the new array 8 disks out, put the old array 4 disks in and the data will be re (HowTos)