iptables setup - internal / external traffic

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, I'm using Slackware 13, kernel I'm running Apache, MySQL, UPnP server, DAA server, Samba, TorrentFlux and want SSH access. My server will be placed in the DMZ of my router, and so I would like to drop all traffic from the internet unless it's for: - Apache (port 80) - SSH (port 22) - TorrentFlux (BitTornado, 49160-49300) But, internally I would like it drop all traffic except for: - Apache (port 80) - MySQL (port 3306) - SSH (port 22) - Samba (ports 139 and 445) - DAA Server (3689) - UPnP Server (5001) Is this feasable? Or am I missing something crucial? I do know there are mountains of documentation for iptables but I don't have spare time to trawl through it all so any help is much appreciated. (HowTos)