IPtables Rejects rules upon first boot

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello , I am trying solve a strange problem which ocurred after upgrading many packages including kernel and iptables. This is a Fedora 10 PC acting as a small home-server I've been using over a year without problems. Recently, I've run a yum upgrade and after that, connections outside home wouldn't work. No changes in IPtables (firewall) rules have been done. But connection through local network is working. Symptom is : I've connected to my second PC at home and connected to the server. It works fine on local network. I restart network services (service network restart) and outside connections could be established. I have disabled iptables and ip6tables and after reboots it works fine. But PC is running without firewall . And my question is , how can I fix this? Where do I check for a start? (HowTos)