iPad:A great mind mapping pad from Apple

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http://blog.xmind.net – Again, on Jan. 28, Apple brought us another big surprise, iPad. The whole world are crazy and talking over it. On Twitter, Facebook, blogs and etc, iPad has been everywhere. The only word to describe it may be “amazing”. iPad has the amazing idea, shape, design, and the philosophy. Importantly, we also so agree with what Churk Frey has said in blog, “Mind mapping on the iPad could be incredibly cool!”. You know, many investigations indicate that, pen and paper are still the first important tool for many people to do creative things, like mind mapping, planning and notes-taking, although there is a high-performance computer in front of them. During communication with XMind’s friends, we know that even the heavy users still draw maps on paper sometimes. Because we still like using our fingers. iPad is totally different! It’s different than iPhone and iPod touch, which don’t suit for using mind mapping software, because of their own limitations. It’s different than Macs and netbooks. It’s even different than any other tablet PCs. It’s a brand-new platform. “It’s a game changer!” XMind has begun the plan upon XMind for iPad. It’s brand-new, too. It’s totally re-invented. Of course, ease-to-use, powerful, humanity, and friendly will still be its character and specialty. We won’t be the first mind mapping software on iPad. You know, it’s XMind’s style. But we do believe that the XMind for iPad should become the best mind mapping software in the world. Even better than XMind for desktop! If you have any idea about mind mapping for iPad, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] Thanks! (Software)