Intnet connection sharing.

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello all. I am a new suse user. Have been using pclinuxos for about 5 years now. Due to the fact that their ICS module in pclinuxos no longer works I have decided to look around for alternatives. Today I installed suse 11.2 32-bit from a network install. After some googling and searching the forums here, I have found a thred with this link [ ICS - openSUSE ]. Following the instructions, i first downloaded the dhcp-server via the software manager. When I got to the part where I was to set the dhcp settings in YaST - > Network Services - > DHCP server, I found that the Network Services in yast did not have the DHCP server module. When I attempted to start the DHCPD from YaST - > Network Services - > System Services, it returned error 6 [not configured]. So my question is, is there a GUI utility which will configure the DHCP-Server daemon, or must I do it via the cli? And if set from the cli, is there a gui module I should avoid to prevent the settings from being overwritten? Thanks in advance for any assistance offered. Regards, CHOW (Distributions)