Interruption To File System Writing Process Cause Linux Data Loss

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http://i486.net – In a Linux computer, the file system is metadata that is used for organizing and managing data that is stored on the hard drive. The file system ensures integrity of data. Along with storing data files, the file system also holds and manages important information about files, directories and file system itself (such as date and time stamp, access permission, ownership, file size, storage location and so forth). Since the file system attempts to work as asynchronous as possible, for avoiding the hard drive bottleneck, any interruption of this process may result into severe data loss. For example, consider this case: What happens when your Linux computer crashes while working on a large file that is stored on a Linux file system based hard drive? There may be various options: If the machine crashes after saving the file, you do not lose anything. Just restart your computer and you should be able to access it normally. If the machine crashes before you save the file, you lose all your changes to the file but the data that was already in it remains intact. If the computer crashes while writing data to the hard drive, the file becomes totally unusable. Your application can not open this file and thus you can not access the data. If the machine crashes while your drive is writing to the metadata areas like the directory itself, your file system gets corrupted and you lose all your data on that particular drive volume. To fix such scenarios Linux provides an inbuilt utility, known as fsck. It checks the file system integrity and can fix it in several cases. But this tool is not helpful in case of large file systems. It requires considerable time to perform the check on larger Linux volumes. In such situations, it becomes extremely significant to perform Linux Data Recovery to get your data back. It is the process of retrieving lost data and can easily be performed using powerful linux recovery softwae such as Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery. Phoenix Data Recovery Linux is a commanding tool that ensures efficient Linux Data Recovery in the majority of data loss situations. It supports Linux Recovery from Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS file system volumes. This linux data recovery tool is compatible with SUSE, Red Hat, Kubuntu and several other Linux distributions. Simpson is a freelancer for Stellar which offers file recovery software and file recovery programs for different OS and file system. (General)