Interpreting a gdb backtrace

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http://stackoverflow.com – I used gdb to attach to a process. I am trying to figure out why it's stuck in an infinite loop, and what it's doing. I issued the command backtrace in gdb and got this result: #0 0x000000000041cf30 in _talloc_free@plt () #1 0x0000000000452320 in winbindd_reinit_after_fork () #2 0x00000000004524e6 in fork_domain_child () #3 0x0000000000453585 in wb_child_request_trigger () #4 0x000000381d2048e2 in tevent_common_loop_immediate () from /lib64/libtevent.so.0 #5 0x00007fbed6b98e17 in run_events_poll () from /lib64/libsmbconf.so.0 #6 0x00007fbed6b9922e in s3_event_loop_once () from /lib64/l (HowTos)