Internet not working directly connected or wireless

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello I am new to Linux and I was trying out the fedora live cd but I couldn't get my Internet to work hen I open firefox it always said server not kind no matter what I searched or put into the address bar I tried many different things but none o them worked I am ableto ping m router an I'm able to login to my routers page I am also able to login to my modems page and it says connected to the Internet I trie restarting the modem and the router but I still got the same problem I also tried disabling the firewall but still had the same problem I tried a command ( not sure what it was because someone was helpig me out) and I was able to receieve packets from google.com , but It never went through in firefox I also tried out a torrent ( I had it saved on a USB) and it worked it was downloading fine I am able to ping googles web page but I am not able to search anything gel it in firefox prefferences and in network proxy I tried many different proxy settings bit none o them worked I always get the message server not found All this was done while connected directly with Ethernet cable modem and router but untried wireless and it didn't work either on the top right corner of the screen the network icon says auto eth0 active I'm using fedora 12 livecd please help me out I'm a newbie and I really want it to work (HowTos)