Internet banking usb stick setup

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I'm a Linux newbe, i've tried Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora so far. My parents are using the same (windows) laptop for internet banking, as my little brother does for doing all sorts of dangerous things. So I thought I'd create a persistent bootable linux usb stick just for internet banking. It has to: - be a stable and secure distribution. - have a good automatic update manager. - boot fast enough. - easy to set up. Any thoughts on which distro would suit my needs? I'm thinking of Ubuntu Should I use firefox or chrome, or any other browser? Should I use apparmor? How easy is this to set up? Should I use a firewall like iptables? How easy is this to set up? Should I disable unneeded services? Or doesn't this make my distro more secure? Links to simple newbe guides to Linux security are appreciated. (HowTos)