IntelliJ fails to sync changes in the target folder

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http://stackoverflow.com – Intellij 12.0.4 (build 123.169) on Linux Mint 13. When I run maven tests from command line, I can see the changed contents of the target folder in the file explorer, but not in IntelliJ. I have tried the Synchronize option from the context menu as well as the Ctrl+Alt+Y shortcut on different levels - subfolder, folder and module. I also cannot open the files using the Ctrl+Shift+N open/search. The idea.log looks unsuspicious: 2013-04-01 08:51:07,808 [3911692] INFO - indexing.UnindexedFilesUpdater - Indexable files iterated in 26 ms 2013-04-01 08:51:07,808 [3911692] INFO - indexing.Uni (HowTos)