Installing on a Windows 7 computer

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I bought the famous $298 eMachines laptop from Wal*Mart. I shrank the main partition (it has 2 'service' partitions as well) to 50 GB, leaving 150 for Linux, with SystemRescueDisk. I fdisked 2 extended Linux partitions, made ext3 filesystems on them, copied over the system files, but lilo refuses to work, complaining of a fatal raid_setup. I made a USB Slax (boot) disk. I can boot from it, but that has the same result with lilo. I burned a disk 1 Slack 13.0 CD from the iso image and can mount that, but that doesn't create the setup program. In my deep dark past (I've been Slacking for 13 years) I always created a boot floppy - but this machine has no floppy drive (my first without!) - and I loaded DOS or Windozze afterwards, something I can't do with Windozze 7. How do I create the same experience with a CD, DVD, or USB drive? A friend suggested lilo won't work if the Linux partition is on too-high a cylinder ( > 1024 ?). Fixing that would require moving the Windozze partition - I'd rather not. I'd really like to install Slackware without further tinkering with the partitions or moving Windozzze. But I've forgotten what I'm doing. Is there a loadlin equivalent anymore? I could put the disk from my old computer in a usb-ata converter and attach that - if that would do any good. Does grub make this easy? Why does Slackware lack a grub package? Slacking off again? Thanks for your attention. (HowTos)