Installing unsigned packages in F12?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I just installed F12 the other day and I've run into my first problem (this is not a knock, in fact this is probably the best release of Fedora 12 ever for me). Installing Skype from their website. I realise that I'm attempting to install an 1586 binary in x86-64 so it's risky, but that's not the point (yet anyway). I can't even get it to install. I've looked around and can't find anything meaningful on this (other than posts which provided no help). When I try to install the rpm from skype.com with the GUI, I get the message "This action cannot be completed" with the following under details: "The name org.freedesktop.PackageKit was not provided by any .service files". I then tried to install it from a root terminal and got the message, "Package skype- is not signed". Is there a way to change this behavior? And is there a temporary workaround (say, for just this app)? All in all, I love this release, but I cannot recommend Fedora 12 to someone new to Linux without alleviating this issue for them (I'm set to do this tomorrow). This would hamper their efforts to learn how to do basic things, such as installing a random program like Skype. Thank you for any and all help! I'm hoping the answer is in my face, I just missed the documentation. Also, I realise the security benefits of this, and just wanted to thank the Fedora team for focusing so much on security! That really means a lot to me, I just want to get rid of this one step once, for a Linux noob is all! Thank you everyone! (HowTos)