Installing next to (K)Ubuntu

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Just a safety tip... If you are installing along side of (K)Ubuntu, you may have problems booting back to your ubuntu distro. The openSuse installer will put a menu item for it in it's list which will go to it's menu file (i.e. all your old options from ubuntu will show up when selected). My kubuntu menu never called out a new root though so it could not find the kernel image. I fixed it by mounting the partition from within openSuse and adding 'root (hd0,4)' to the menu entry. Seems to have done the trick, I can now boot to either openSuse or Kubuntu. Don't know how updates will be handled yet, but I'm backing up my MBR as a precaution. Note that grub is zero based for drive and partition so hd0,4 looks in the fifth partition of the first drive. (Distributions)