Installing LILO to software-RAID1 with failed item

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http://serverfault.com – Item /dev/sda1 of software RAID1 /dev/md0 has gone to a better world. md0 is mounted to a root / directory, and it contains /boot directory. My lilo.conf configure is boot=/dev/md0 root=/dev/md0 raid-extra-boot=mbr-only So, I expect that the second item of md0 - /dev/sdb1 contains all nessecary information to boot from it. But I want to run lilo to become assured. It shows me: # lilo -v LILO version 22.8 Warning: LBA32 addressing assumed Cannot proceed. Maybe you need to add this to your lilo.conf: disk=/dev/sda inaccessible (real error shown below) Fatal: VolumeID read error: (HowTos)