Installing Fedora on a Win 7 but with 4 parts already taken.

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hola, Fedorans! I'm a Fedora Ambassador and I, usually, help people install Fedora. The other day, a guy, came to me with a cool Lenovo laptop. The laptop had 4 partitions: - win7 bootloader (200M) - win7 installation (the rest of the space... ~180G) - logical part (30G) - some win recovery files - lenovo's recovery stuff (5G) The partitions are idiotic. The guy wants to keep win7. What should I do? Here's my course of action: - dd /dev/sda > /some/external/hd/lenovo-win7-original.img - destroy it all!! - make partitions for windows (no bootloader) - mount the img and dd the parts that are relevant (hope that restore and stuff still works) I aknowledge that my COA is not the best one. Could somebody recommend me anything? Thanks a lot! (HowTos)