Installing Fed 11 to usb drive

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – New here, trying to find resolution for this project. Im trying to utilize p3 hp pavillion laptop for linux box. I bought the laptop used from ebay with "bad hdd" and upon putting other hdds in, none were recognized in bios. It seems the better description would have read "ide bridge damaged." I havent flashed the bios to see if that would cure it, I will try that later. Anyway, I looked to install a live distro of linux, and the older dvd-rom doesnt read the cdrs my other machines burn, so I got the Fedora 11 dvd and installed it to a 60 gig usb hdd. My problem is that while it installed flawlessly on the hdd, upon its reboot to finalize install, the dvd did not give option to find the usb hdd to boot. It only wants to install the os over again. (my bios doesnt give the option to boot from usb) Can someone point me to a direct link to download a boot disk that will find and assign the usb to boot the install? I have no knowledge to compile line commands in linux yet, so I need a "noob" boot image that I can transfer to floppy to finish install. I know that waiting to get a dvd from puppy or other live distros would work, Im just trying to get it going tonight. Thank you in advance Chaz (HowTos)