Installing Arch on a Win* machine

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – i use windows MBR to syslinux to openbox ( i don't trust syslinux or grub as a booting option as they have repeatedly crashed my entire windows installation)my boot is sda3 (primary 100mb) no boot flag set (boot is set on my sda2 win7 partition)swap is sda5 mkswap/swapon cfdisk 1024MB (never exceeds 2MB in my case)and root is logical sda6 (remaining freespace) mkfs.ext4i partition in windows disk management, its easier to me than cfdisk or compiling gpartedand makes sda5/sda6 logical on extended logical sda4so... my configuration issda1 primary restore NTFS sda2 BOOT primary win7 NTFS sda (HowTos)