Installing Arch in Asus UX31A problems and wiki sketch

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I just installed Arch on my UX31A.  It ended up taking a few more hours than it should have, but it works.To be honest, I didn't even try following the UX31A-specific wiki page; your posts here sent me off on a hunt to boot from a flash drive in UEFI mode, which led me to the method I'll outline here:I downloaded the latest archboot iso from:http://server4.surlyjake.com/archlinux/ … t/2012.06/Followed (some of) these directions: https://gitorious.org/tianocore_uefi_du … I_boot_USBI did steps: (I skipped the steps not listed here)1.1, 1.2,    oldmachine$ (HowTos)