Installation Errors

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I am hoping I can explain this problem properly. I had been searching the forum for a while to find a similar scenario in the forum search but I have not seen one. We have one pc that is misbehaving from the start of installation from cd/dvd, software installation and update installation. This, started about some months ago in openSUSE 11.1. When installing from the cd or dvd it keeps on throwing errors pertaining to bad checksum and the only way to successfully install the os is to start from minimal install. I have to note that the cd or dvd used was successfully used in the installation in two other pc. After the installation, when doing an additional application installation or updating, the error is persistent/consistent specially when the single package is a bit bigger. ex: it is about 10-20 mb application size. When trying to retry to install by clicking the pop-up error it is a hit or miss meaning it sometimes goes through or just failed with the same error. I am attaching a screenshot of the consistent error that we are getting in the hope someone can help me. Any thoughts are welcome. The image attached is almost the same occurrence even during the start of os installation. (Distributions)