installatin of ns-allinone2.34 in ubuntu 10.04

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http://askubuntu.com – i need to install ns-allinone 2.34 in ordre to implement leach protocol ,i followed all te steps of installation when i write "./install" in the terminal i got this result: Warning: tclStubInit.c may be out of date. Developers may want to run "make genstubs" to regenerate. This warning can be safely ignored, do not report as a bug! Installing libtcl8.4.a to /home/rain/ns-allinone-2.34/lib/ cp: cannot create regular file '/home/rain/ns-allinone-2.34/lib/#inst.6373#': Permission denied rm: cannot remove '/home/rain/ns-allinone-2.34/lib/libtcl8.4.a': Permission denied mv: cannot stat '/hom (HowTos)