Install Softwares in Ubuntu 9.10 Linux in a PC without internet connection

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http://techie-blogger.com – Weeks ago when I was trying to setup Ubuntu in my pc for the first time, installing new software you need in your new pc would be a impossible process without internet or any Repository DVDs. I managed to get a few resources from net and here I will explain it as a step by step procedure . First you should have another computer which is well connected to the internet or you should have an APTonCD created by someone. Once you install the required softwares with the help of internet connected PC, you could backup all the packages into a CD for using next time. Generating List of required files to be downloaded. After you have installed Ubuntu in your system , you will definetely need files to keep it updated. First of all you have to generate the list of files to be downloaded. You use the following command for generating the required files list. sudo apt-get update -qq –print-uris |cut -d\’ -f 2 > filelist.txt This will generate a text file filelist.txt with all the essential update files to be downloaded. Now if you want any specific softwares to installed like APTonCD you would need more files to be downloaded .To get the additional files to be downloaded use the following command apt-get -qq –print-uris install ***packagename*** | cut -d\’ -f2 >filelist2.txt *Don’t forget to use double arrow. Else the previous list of files will be replaced* Move both filelist.txt and filelist2.txt into a removable media like pen drive. Downloading the required files to be downloaded. In the computer with internet connection create a folder called files in the desktop . Copy the two text files into that folder. Move to the folder with the following command in terminal cd Desktop/files wget -i filelist.txt -x wget -i filelist2.txt -x Now you will have all your required files downloaded to the new folder in separate directories. Also keep the two text files inside the pen drive itself. Final installation process Now move the files to the computer in which the new software are to be installed . Now you will have to open the file manager with root privileges to copy files into the root directory. Press Alt+F2 In the popup window type gksudo nautilus Copy the folder into the root directory . You can move into the root directory by clicking the tab with the symbol of a harddisk in the upper part. Now using the same file manager window move to ‘etc’ folder in root directory. Now locate the sources.list found in ‘apt’ directory in ‘etc’. /etc/apt/sources.list Make a duplicate copy of that file and name it “sources.list.cpy” (right-click on the file, copy, and then paste). This is just a safety precaution in-case something goes wrong. Now right-click the file sources.list and select “Open gedit” or any other text editor Now add all the contents of filelist2.txt at the end of sources.list Now using the Replace option under the Search menu in gedit replace all http:/ on that file with file:/files Next everything will be over with sudo apt-get update (General)