Install hangs during package loading

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I'm having problems with the install of 11.2 hanging during the package load step. I've read various threads on here about problems with installing 11.2, but they all seem to be about problems after package loading has completed. I'm trying to install onto a new machine. The machine already has Windows XP installed and running OK. The DVD I'm trying to install from was burned on this machine under the Windows install using Nero. I can get through the steps up to and including formatting the drives and then loading the patterns, but when it comes to loading packages it always hangs - this includes the 'busy' cursor not going around, so I'm pretty sure it's actually hung the box. There doesn't seem to be any real pattern to which package causes the hang, although I have to confess I've tried different package configs, including the default of leaving the desktop set to KDE and not changing any packages. I've not tried it with 'Auto configuration' left on, but I doubt that would make any difference as it's not getting as far as the configuration step. Anyone got any ideas what I can try? If I can't get this sorted I'm going to try loading the copy of 11.0 that I used to build my current machine (the one that this new machine is supposed to be replacing), see if that loads OK or not. In case it makes a difference, the spec for this machine is as follows: CPU: Intel Core i7-870 Memory: 8GB Motherboard: ASUS P7P55D PRO. Hard Disk: 2TB SATA Graphics Card: Nvidia GEFORCE 8400GS PCI Express (512Mb) (Distributions)