Install firebirdsql 2.1 super without dpkg-reconfigure on ubuntu 10.04.3?

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http://serverfault.com – I try to install firebird2.1-super with chef. So I can´t use dpkg-reconfigure. So I tried to use debconf-set-selections /var/cache/firebird/firebird-server.seed In firebird-server.seed: firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/sysdba_password/first_install password qwerty firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/server_in_use error firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/purge_databases boolean false firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/enabled boolean true firebird2.1-super shared/firebird/purge_security boolean false But this change nothing. After install (sudo apt-get i (HowTos)