Innovators get Linux to boot in 1 second

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http://www.suseblog.com – Linux boots in less than 1 second? Yes, it does. Excerpt: MontaVista Software has always been a leader in embedded-Linux commercialization. The company has developed Linux-development platforms since 1999, when founder Jim Ready pledged to bring ‘100% pure Linux’ to the world under the GNU (GNU’s not Unix) GPL (general public license). Since then, MontaVista has specialized in embedded and real-time Linux. Its approach is not simply an RTOS (real-time operating system) that runs Linux as one of its tasks. The company has changed the Linux kernel to provide determinism and real-time performance in a real Linux operating system. Cavium Networks recently acquired the company, which just announced the release of Version 6 of its operating system. In addition to designing real-time Linux, MontaVista has been working on the development of real-fast Linux, a Linux operating system that boots in less than 1 second. The team who worked on the project includes Alexander Kaliadin, Nikita Youshchenko, and Cedric Hombourger. Many on the team also worked on the MontaVista real-time Linux. ‘One of the first things we did years ago was to make the Linux scheduler pre-emptive and deterministic,’ says Hombourger. These fast-boot developments are not necessarily limited to real-time or an embedded Linux; however, they can get a conventional Linux distribution to boot in 1 second, as well. Read all of “Innovators get Linux to boot in 1 second” (Distributions)