"(initramfs) unable to find live filesystem" on AMD64 live CD install

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http://askubuntu.com – Ok, so every weekend for a few weekends in a row I've tried (each time unsuccessfully) to install Ubuntu as a dual-boot on my MacBook pro 15-inch (2011). Previously, I'd been trying to do it from a USB stick, but then I read that that sometimes creates problems, so now I'm doing it with a DVD-ROM. I've been using the .iso downloaded from this page. (12.04.1 AMD64 Desktop CD) I have performed a MD5SUM check on the .iso, which results in 14984b15a391c7de1f07f4885bef2d5c (which is the correct hash) I have burned it at the lowest possible speed on my disk drive with 2 different disks. I made a (HowTos)