[INFO]An Announcment to my Development work.

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Hey Guys! This thread is basically there to announce, that i will stop with baby modding ;) There are a few things i will tell you :) 1st: I will STOP with develop UMX-Android for CM7! 2nd: I will recreate UMX-Android COMLETELY new! 3rd: UMX-Android will be based on "OWN COMPILED CM9"! 4th: It's my first try to compile, so don't be afraid if everything takes longer than planned! 5rd: UMX-Android won't be based on this Colorful theme from now on! A few answers to the questions you might ask: "Why do you stop development with CM7?" -Because CM7 get's (HowTos)