IMAP: match Evolution's Wastebasket -folder to Mutt's Trash -folder?

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http://askubuntu.com – I have IMAP Gmail account that uses something like Gmail-IMAP/Trash for Wastebasket but Evolution uses Wastebasket -dir by default. Alert terminology differs: directory is label in Gmail -terminology, anyway now clear enough. So how can I change the Trash -directory in Evolution? Profile I believe the problem lies in IMAP and different email-clients. Mutt -settings are somehow intercepting with other email-clients' wastebuckets: older-hook hhh/* source ~/.mutt/hhh.muttrc mailboxes +hhh/INBOX +hhh/Sent +hhh/Drafts +hhh/Trash #TODO: understand what the above lines means (bug here?) (HowTos)