I'm missing something on my network config!

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Ok, another "I can't connect to the internet" question, but with the difference that I really really can't, try as I might, with ONE of my computers (running Opensuse 11.2) In many ways it should be easy because, I have ANOTHER box which is connected to the net via a static ip address, also running 11.2. So I disconnect the cable from the successfully connected box to the unconnected one, and then I register the exact same network settings from one to the other. This includescgoing through the dialogs in yast and double checking in /etc/sysconfig/network. routes, default gateways, static ip, broadcast, mask, dns server ips ... all this is the exact same. When I connect the cable ifconfig gives a RUNNING status with the correct static ip ... but, no successful pings to major sites ... just returns immediately with an unknown host reply. I've been through the process three times now, and I have to be missing something, maybe somethign obvious .. and that's why I post here ..any thoughts from anybody? The second unsuccessfully connected box usually works prefectly, the eth0 port has no problems (it usually connects to private lan). I reckon I have covered everything: any suggestions from anybody? Cheers (Distributions)