If your desktop lives in an MS infrastructure, use Gnome!

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http://forums.opensuse.org – This is not another gnome vs kde post as you might know it. It is just a summary of my experience with OSS 11.2 (both gnome and KDE) and a Microsoft environment. For my daily work I use a linux desktop registered to a Windows 2003 Active Directory and a Microsoft exchange 2003. So when OSS 11.2 came out I decided to re-install my desktop and use the default window-manager KDE. After a while I switched back to gnome because KDE has some issues (bugs, missing features, less integrated) These are the items where KDE needs more work for a more pleasant user experience Networkmanager winbindd does not always respond very well to changing network parameters (connect/disconnect or changing ip addresses) I have a fixed IP address but with the default Knetworkmanager you cannot set the system eth0 settings and the preferred network profile does not autoconnect. So when you boot, you get a DHCP address and when you then change the network profile, winbindd sometimes hangs. Gnome does not have this problem so much because there you can change the system eth0 using the gui. These issues are known Re: [opensuse] 11.2 + winbind + NetworkManager Evolution When you start evolution in KDE you can instantly see that not all the icons are shown correctly. Apparently, the oxygen iconset does not contain the icons for the send/receive button and the flag status buttons. When you set the default iconset (using the kde control panel) from oxygen to gnome, evolution icons are complete but the rest of the desktop doesn't look pretty. Eventually i fixed this by copying the gnome iconset to the evolution icons folder. [SOLVED] Evolution: missing icons from toolbar - Ubuntu Forums Calendar integration Evolution is the default PIM for gnome. So when you open the clock on the taskbar in gnome you see the dates in bold where there are appointments (even when evolution is not running) and the tasks. This is very handy and is not available in KDE. Keyring The evolution password does not get saved in the KDE keyring app but always in the gnome keyring app. So you always have to enter the keyring password the first time you start evolution. This issue is not seen when using Gnome Login Manager The first time you logon, you have to enter you username and password. From then on, you can select your username from the list in GDM but KDM does not remember winbind usernames. You always have to retype. The combination gnome-evolution is very well integrated and works very well for users that logon to Active Directory, have their mailbox on an Exchange 2003 server and have to sync with windows file shares. For me, it's even better then the osx-entourage2008 combination. The KDE-evolution combination comes third but has potential. Most of the above issues have workaround but maybe it is better to keep working on fixing these issues and keeping a better user experience in mind. A lot of work has been made by Novell/Opensuse community to make KDE a better desktop (firefox integration, openoffice integration,...) and it looks very well with lots of powerful features for the daily desktop user (like okular, the default PDF reader that allows to make annotations, beats evince) and I understand why KDE has been chosen as the default desktop for 11.2 Linux is about choice, and mine is running oss 11.2 gnome on a macbook pro and connecting to an MS network. Perhaps KDE will be a better choice in the future... A happy OSS user (Distributions)