If you like cars and computer, heres a little somin'-somin'!

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – I was looking of Google last night for some wallpapers and i liked this one! BUT WAIT! it lacked some flair. So i added 30 extra peaces of flair. (twice the required amount). ^_^ For legal purposes unknown to me I'm going to post the original link to the photo. oh and this: I DID NOT MAKE THIS! I JUST EDITED IT! ...That was easy. ^_^ Here you go!:Full-size download (1680x1050)http://postimage.org/image/lwgsajuir/full/....And the less exciting link:http://www.wallpapers.li/wallpapers/Por … orange.jpgEnjoy! ^_^ (HowTos)