IF-THEN-ELSE in PERL not working

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http://www.unix.com – Guys, i was trying a simple if-then-else statement in perl; but not getting any success in that. can you please help, where i am wrong. I tried $diff variable with double quotes as well, but no go. Code: $region = $ARGV[0]; $diff = $ARGV[1]; if [ $diff -eq 1 ]; then         ($date) = split(' ', `ssh -xC $san[0] cat /tmp/prev_biz_date`); else         ($date) = split(' ', `ssh -xC $san[0] cat tmp/current_date`); fi Getting the below compilation error Code: sandos% /tmp/newXmit1 UT 1 syntax error at /tmp/newXmit1 line 20, near & (HowTos)