IE8/Firefox/Opera/Chrome which one is the best?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – First, start-up speed comparison As with the system is most closely IE8 browser, fastest, less than a second to start a whole. By contrast, Firefox worst, complete, even when they were met with more than 2 seconds clock. As for Opera, and Chrome, more or less. However, because of structural simplicity, Chrome clearly more possession of a number of advantages. 2, compatibility evaluation Four browser can through the Acid2 test perfectly. This means that in the face of most pages, they are able to faithfully original web page displayed. However, in the face of the more demanding Acid3 standards, but easily decide the winner and the winner. Compared to other three browsers, IE8 in this part of the test, the worst offenders. Total score of only 21/100. By contrast, Firefox, Opera, Chrome three or less. However, Chrome's debut, it won 79/100 good results, or can not help but let us for this rising star, full of expectations. Third, ad-blocking evaluation A total of 27 groups in the simulation of ad test, IE8 Beta 2 a total of 24 groups under the block. The Firefox, Opera, and Chrome will each interception under 17 group. However, since some tests, only IE effect. Thus, we can not simply according to score, to determine the browser's "good and bad." In the end, through the conversion. IE8 Beta2 interception success rate was 88.9%, while Firefox 3.0.1, Opera and Chrome achievements, both 89.5%. This shows that the four browsers in the ad-blocking capabilities, or basically the same. 4, resource consumption evaluation Although the initial four browser memory footprint, an insignificant difference. But with the increase in the number of pages open, Firefox, and Opera advantages, gradually revealed. In the final five-page test, both with 141.1 MB and 115.2 MB's performance, leading nearly half of about IE8 and Chrome. Moreover, according to this trend projections, if you open the more the number of pages, then the gap between the two sides will also be more obvious. (Distributions)