Idiots Guide: Installing [ROM][STABLE]AreaRom v2.3

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http://androidforums.com – AreaRom Install How To (Read all of this!!! Don't try to be "smart" and skip ahead!!!!) Here is what to do: 1. Download the AreaRom Odin 2. Unzip it to a folder on your computer 3. Hook up a USB cord to your phone -> Computer -------- 4. Download AreaRom v2.3 5. Place the AreaRom2.3.zip on you phones SD card (dont unzip it, just download and transfer it) -------- 6. Shut your phone off 7. Hold - Volume Down + Camera + Power (hit power last) 8. Your phone should now say DOWNLOAD (Yellow dont show good on here with with background) 9. Open the Odin.exe we (General)