Ideas for High School Cyber Defense Club

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello Everyone, After taking part in a Cyber Defense competition at my school, and friend of mine and I decided to start up a Cyber Defense Club. The problem that we are running into is that we have no idea what to do. I mean, sure, we can talk about basic online security and teach about not clicking every link just because it's there, but we need bigger goals to build off of. The competition we did was very simple; Fix 13 different security holes put into a Windows XP Virtual Machine (most of them were fixed via disabling services and running Windows Update) and we were hoping to, more or less, continue where it left off and get to the point where they are trying to harden a machine that we will try and get into. I guess this is all good but I can't think of anything between the two areas to talk about. If anyone could help I would be very appreciative. Thank You, Galvin Oh, and before I forget, we do plan on teaching how to secure Mac, Windows, and Linux after we teach the basics. Is there a hardened version of Fedora? (HowTos)