icon system of KDE 3.5

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http://forums.opensuse.org – This may appear "old" as a question, but I am not getting the point and I will stick to kde3.5 up to July or December of 2010, so time to "play". I am not getting the logic of the kde3 icon system: I installed my proper icon-sets and they do so in /home/myusername/.kde/share/icons I then tried to find the other icons sets that appear to be in: /opt/kde3/share/icons/ When I click on an icon to change it, i.e. on the Desktop, the regularly installed icons of the set appear. But there is a "drop down menu proposing various thematics under the voice "system icons". Now I hold also single icons/small icon sets without installation scripts, that I would like to attribute in an ordered way to the categories listed in the drop down menu. Where can this be done? Whereto do I have to copy my single icons to appear as a selection in these drop down menus? Or is there a config file to be edited? Thanks. It is just that I do not understand at all the logic of the KDE3.5 icon system (with directories and localisations). :| (Distributions)