I thought root could do anything :)

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I have dual-boot XP/Karmic I have an external HDD for backup. One partition is NTFS for the XP stuff. The second partition is ext4. I was practicing with the SystemRestoreCD, which provides a Linux root console. I can create and delete directories on the ext4 partition, but not on the NTFS partition. The error message says "read-only file system". The permissions on the NTFS partion are: rwx --- --- myName myName I tried to use chmod and chown to change permissions and owner. I assumed that as root, I could do anything. How can I access the NTFS partition, and do anything that I need to do? BTW: All my current XP stuff on the HDD was backed up from within XP, using standard software (Cobian Backup), and normal user privileges. But I want to practice for when my XP OS is damaged. . (HowTos)