I need help with Linux [Ubuntu]?

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http://www.linuxforums.org – I burned the files on a CD and then I booted from the CD then i installed Ubuntu and i had checkmarked where it said "Import files from Windows XP..." or something like that and i checkmarked Documents and clicked next. So the installation started and it stoped at 89% [at the part where it imports the files from Windows XP]. So I decided to close it after and hour of being at 89% then when I reboot my system i don't see any options that ask you where you want to boot. I reput the ubuntu disc inside and then tryed to reinstall it and at the step where it gives you a chart with whats on your computer it said: "4G>Windows/NT/2000/XP, 106G>Windows XP, 8G>Ubuntu 9.10 [I'm guessing that's the one i had installed when i closed it because it was taking forever] and then there was another one that was about 30G>Ubuntu [Wich is the one I was about to install]". So I closed the window before starting the installation and then I closed my computer. I reopened it and there wasn't any option to pick Ubuntu instead of Windows XP. Please help! The computer is a Acer Laptop. I'm new with this stuff. If the solution is to reinstall Ubuntu then please tell me how. (HowTos)