I lost my IMEI and can't get back on the network ever after successful recovery. Help!!

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http://androidforums.com – Alright, so I just got my Galaxy S3 about 2 weeks ago. As I can't stand the look of Touchwiz, I rooted my phone, unlocked the bootloader, and put AOKP build 3 on there right away. Everything was working great, except for my lack of Picasa sync, so I flashed BlackBean 5, then JellyWiz, and eventually went back to AOKP build 4. Wanting to get my Picasa sync, I tried flashing a few custom GApps builds, and then reflashed AOKP b4 fresh with the custom GApps. After booting my phone back up, the "Activating" screen came for about 5 minutes, before it said that it failed. Checked my ph (General)