I lost my accents (diacritics)!

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi! Since Feb 12, I am unable to enter accented characters on any application. I have a Spanish (Latin American) keyboard, where I have to press the accent key and then the vowel I want to have an accent. What happens is this: I press the diacritic key, and then the vowel, but NOTHING appears. Exceptionally, Java apps (eg. Netbeans) show a square with a question mark inside: �. Something else is strange. Normally, if you press the accent key twice, the diacritic appears by itself, ie. ´ (I copy-pasted that). So, this works for the following accents: ^ ` But not for these: ´ ¨ The letters show fine on my machine, eg. in Nautilus, in Firefox; I am just unable to type them. There were some updates done by yum on the day this started happening, but I have no idea if that's the cause of all this... I tried undoing the update transaction but it failed. Can anyone help? Thanks =) (HowTos)