I log into a machine using ssh with IP1. When logged in, the output of ifconfig/'ip addr' shows IP2. Why is IP1 and IP2 different?

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http://stackoverflow.com – I type:- ssh [email protected] So, IP1 :- 10.2.4.xx When logged into the machine, the output of ifconfig is:- eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr fa:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx inet addr:172.17.xx.xx Bcast:172.17.xx.xxx Mask: inet6 addr: fe80::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx/64 Scope:Link UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1 . . . So, IP2 is 172.17.xx.xx. Shouldn't IP1 and IP2 be the same? Why are they different? (HowTos)